What payment method do you accept for purchasing your products?
You can pay with Bitcoin through many platforms, such as CashApp, Coinbase, Blockchain, Paypal and many others.
What if I can’t pay for your services through Bitcoin?
Then you can’t use our services.
We accept only Bitcoin as payment method because it is the most safe, secured and anonymous method to receive money for this kind of products.
This is best for both sides safety.
How much time it takes to get the paypal / western union / cashapp account once I completed my order?
We guarantee 3 - 5 minutes instantly delivery after your payment via email. So please provide a valid email adress.
Up to 72 hours to the rest of Europe.
Do you offer a refund if one of the paypal / western union / cashapp account I received was not working?
Of course.
If one of the account you have received was not working, you have 2 options to choose from.
We can refund your money for the whole order back to your Bitcoin address, or we can replace the account with 5 other accounts of the same type on the next order.
There was never the case for an account not to be working, but we are always prepared to offer you a refund or replace it.
Our accounts always have the minimum available balance advertised on the website.
One last question, what happens to the original account holders?
The banks must give the money back to the victims.
We know exactly what happens from the moment the original account holder sees the money missing.
They call the bank saying that they wanted to use their account but couldn’t.
The bank asks them a couple of questions, like when was the last time they used their accounts, security questions to make sure they are the original account holders, and then calls the police.
The police will receive the phone call and will say they have more important things to do, like catching terrorists or child rapers.
Nobody is going to investigate nothing for withdrawals under $5000.
Plus, you can only transfer out maximum $1500 from 1 account, so nothing to worry about.
At the end of the day, the banks are the only ones losing money.
You made money, we made money.
The original account holders got their money back from the banks.
How do I cash out from the paypal account?
Upon payment, you will be given a complete walkthough guide (in PDF format) and a free socks5 proxy in the same country as the account. Follow the easy instructions in the guide EXACTLY and you’ll have no problems. If you do, feel free to contact us.